AED 198

AED 198– Architecture and The Body

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Course No.: 22506

Department: Architecture, Urban and Regional Planning

Semester: 2017 Fall

Location: Diefendorf – 146

Meeting Day(s): Monday

Meeting Time: 11:00AM - 11:50AM

Faculty: Tauke

Faculty: Tauke

Because of technological advances, climate change, and cultural shifts, the relationships between the human body and its designed environments are transforming more rapidly today than at any time in history. On the one hand, we are more digitally connected to our built environments, and, in turn, our built environments are more responsive to us. On the other, there is a sense of separation between our digital self and the physical world. This transfer seminar explores ways that digital and physical environments and the human body are changing in response to both the dissolution and merging of nature/body/society boundaries.


Questions to be explored include:

  • How have the relationships between designed environments, human bodies, and other living things changed in the last 100 years?
  • How should we as responsible designers think about the new potentials of environment-human body relationships?In addition, this course helps students understand the UB Curriculum philosophy so that all can create an electronic portfolio as a capstone to present transfer and UB academic work that demonstrates achievement of the UB Curriculum expectations and requirements. The course includes an introduction to ways that design and related disciplines are studied within a large research university.