ARC 202

ARC 202– Arch Design Studio 4

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Course No.: 19625

Department: Architecture

Semester: 2013 Spring

Location: Crosby – 102

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Faculty: Delaney, Garofalo, Kelley, Maher, Rogers

Faculty: Delaney, Garofalo, Kelley, Maher, Rogers

ARC202: Architectural Design Studio 4 is the required design studio for the spring semester of the second year. The course runs in conjunction with ARC312: Architectural Media 4.

The studio will explore the impact of site and context on architectural form, space, and structure. More specifically we will use examples of iconic buildings and their sites to develop new programs and architectural projects.
Students will be tasked with framing relationships of object to field, part to whole, difference to repetition, aggregation, and patterning derived from analysis, interpretation, and transformation of the existing and historical context. We will engage in exercises across the scale of the landscape to that of building systems and address architecture at both the intimate level of the body and of the public program.