ARC 302

ARC 302– Arch Design Studio 6

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Course No.: 19618

Department: Architecture

Semester: 2013 Spring

Location: Diefendorf – 2

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Faculty: Bohm, Lopez-Pineiro, MacKay, Romano

Faculty: Bohm, Lopez-Pineiro, MacKay, Romano

This studio will explore the design of an Office Building as a means to investigate the incorporation of various technologies into the comprehensive design of a building. The contemporary office building includes a vast array of systems: structural, heating, ventilating, plumbing, electrical, fire protection, envelope and enclosure. In a public building each of these systems contributes to the creation of an artificial environment which facilitates human comfort, social interaction and life safety. This studio will look at the historical development of office space and the relationship of these precedents to notions of work and production. The specific constructed environment that will form the basis of student’s explorations throughout this semester is the contemporary office landscape. Each student will be required to develop a specific position on the relationship between the working environment, social interaction, and production. The final product of this studio will be the comprehensive design of a building which addresses these issues and incorporates building service systems, structural systems, and life-safety systems. Each of these topics will be studied to explore alternatives for both the optimal performance of individual systems and the spatial interrelationship of these systems. This constructed environment will be examined in relationship to the larger site context and the environmental forces to which the building must respond.