ARC 404-6

ARC 404-6– Design by Number

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Course No.: 20871

Department: Architecture

Semester: 2013 Spring

Location: Hayes B – 7

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Faculty: Rogers

Faculty: Rogers

Design by Numbers is an experimental coding seminar that explores the architectural implications of large populations of behavioral agents interacting within a swarm logic. This seminar will give simple decision making ability to architectural agents capable of self-organizing into complex and intelligent collectives. The
lightweight programming language ‘Processing’ will be introduced and used extensively as the primary coding platform along with its extensive body of existing multi-agent code. Through the creation of different swarm systems, we will explore the implication of ‘high population thinking’ on the creation of architectural
assemblages, specifically on how these distributed non-linear swarm intelligence dissolves the tectonic
hierarchies of modernist theory and contemporary parametric component assemblies.

This seminar will be conducted in two parts. The first half will be devoted to developing a catalog of simple
system behaviors while the second half will be concerned with combing various behaviors to create a complex multi-agent system