ARC 433 /ARC 404/ ARC 533

ARC 433 /ARC 404/ ARC 533– 20th Century Architecture and Urbanism

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Course No.: 24443

Department: Architecture, Urban and Regional Planning


Location: Diefendorf – 207

Meeting Day(s): Tuesday, Thursday

Meeting Time: 7:00PM - 8:20PM

Faculty: Ayad

Faculty: Ayad

Twentieth-century architects and urban planners created an extraordinary and varied body of works. Driven by social and technological changes as well as aesthetic concerns, the projects reflect different strands of modernism and modernity. Indeed examination of the key movements, figures, and debates will illustrate that 20th century architecture and urban design was far from unified but multivalent and often contradictory. While reference will be made to non-western works, this course will primarily examine European and North American achievements and their interplay. To this end, the course will combine lectures and case studies with critical analyses of key texts.