ARC 485 LAB– Special Topics: Endless Chairs

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Course No.: ARC 484-LAB

Department: Architecture

Semester: 2013 Fall

Location: Diefendorf – 104

Meeting Day(s): Thursdays

Meeting Time: 10:00 - 12:40

Faculty: Silver

Faculty: Silver

 Digital Cartography and Computer Aided Furniture Design Seminar

The management and analysis of complex data generated by ground-based scanning machines, computer simulations and the internet allows the designer to work in an atmosphere of unprecedented dimensional specificity. Spatial data replaces flat paper based abstractions in this shift away from conventional drawings, site surveys and photography. Our ability to robotically materialize 3d mapping data in real space establishes a vital link between digital cartography and design. The course will specifically explore the tripartite integration of advanced computer mapping, design and fabrication techniques. Students will be asked to consider 3D imaging systems like L.I.D.A.R. in an effort to probe the relationship between new modes of space mapping and the design of a simple chair. Using the 3d scanning function of a Microsoft Kinect the seminar will collectively design and build a client customized chair using body specific mapping data and the school’s new MDX-540 CNC mill. (With just a $250 video game console and an Internet connection customers in remote locations can map their own bodies and transmit the data to a design fabricator.) Students will have access to an ABS 3D printer which will be used to do sketches of preliminary designs, connections and fittings.