ARC 486 / ARC 598

ARC 486 / ARC 598– Craft & Fabrication Techniques

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Course No.: 23143

Department: Architecture

Semester: 2017 Fall

Location: Parker – 2

Meeting Day(s): Tuesday & Thursday

Meeting Time: 8:30am - 9:50am

Faculty: L Romano

“…the hand is not only a faithful, passive executor of the intentions of the brain; rather, the hand has its own intentionality, knowledge and skills.” (Pallasmaa, The Thinking Hand, 2009)

In this course, craftsmanship and the relationship between hand and intention will be examined thoroughly through the historical lens of the exchange between a master, or tradesman, and an apprentice.  Craft is a quality that is inherently linked to the condition of engagement to one’s work.  This quality of craft has been passed on in numerous ways over time, notably during the medieval era through guild communities, which combined masters and apprentices towards a common goal of quality.

With an early emphasis on hand tools, students will be expected to learn about material properties as well as certain processes that are still done by hand today.  It is only through a thorough understanding of these techniques that the class will progress into teaching methods with power tools, 2D and 3D computer software, and CNC technologies.  By separating the course into 3 distinct segments, students will be able to investigate methods and processes associated with craftsmanship in 3 different fields of study (woodworking, metal fabrication, and digital fabrication) working iteratively to develop their skills.  While each of these segments should yield an idea about craft associated with the field, it is expected that all 3 segments culminate in a final project that is able to form a narrative about both overall craftsmanship as well as how craftsmanship may be viewed through different lenses in different fields. This course will run in a workshop format, requiring students to work collaboratively with other students, faculty, and outside tradespeople.