ARC 411

ARC 411– Arch Media

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Course Details

Course No.: 10079

Department: Architecture

Semester: 2017 Fall

Location: Hayes Hall – 403

Meeting Day(s): Monday

Meeting Time: 4:30PM - 5:50PM

Faculty: Bruscia

Faculty: Bruscia

As a continuation of the media course sequence, students will be exposed to advanced 3D modeling techniques as they pertain to architectural visualizations. The course intends to build on previous media courses by reviewing model types and their intended output, and will focus more specifically on the modeling of complex geometric conditions and their visual description through composite drawings. In addition to technical skill-building, an underlying objective of the course is to develop an understanding of formal assemblies as systems of interrelated parts.

Special topics will be focused on parametric modeling as made possible through algorithmic visual programming. Exercises will introduce the use of data to organize part-to-whole relationships and to gain control over complex systems and geometric arrays. The course will provide hands-on demonstrations and tutorials in Rhino 5 and its plug-in, Grasshopper 3D.


Course Objectives

  • Introduce students to the basic theoretical concepts of computer graphics in architectural design.
  • Introduce students to various computer applications as they pertain to design, fabrication, and practice.
  • Proficiency: complex surface modeling in Rhinoceros 5 and parametric modeling in Grasshopper
  • Proficiency: Translation from digital/computational models to drawings and physical models