ARC 492 TUT – ARC 592-2 TUT

ARC 492 TUT – ARC 592-2 TUT– Computational Fabrication: Python

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Course No.: 24346

Department: Architecture


Location: Crosby – 41

Meeting Day(s): Monday

Meeting Time: 6:00PM - 8:40PM

Faculty: Pries

Faculty: Pries

This seminar introduces students to the power of computational design and automation. This course introduces generative design computing techniques to move beyond explicit modeling; therefore utilizing the computer as a collaborator in the design process. A focus will be placed on fabrication. Machine limitations and material constraints will be deployed throughout the code to inform the design process. The primary focus of the course will be Rhino 5 and its built-in Python editor.

A series of exercises will introduce students to scripting techniques and the various means to implement computing into the design process. The initial exercises will introduce Python syntax and proper coding techniques. The subsequent exercises will focus on the power of generative scripting and automation to prepare designs for fabrication. Iterations and prototypes will be produced to inform the code before a final built work is produced via the tools found in the FabLab.

Students are expected to have a basic understanding of Rhino 5 and an interest in fabrication.