ARC 526/ARC 404

ARC 526/ARC 404– Site Planning & Design

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Course No.: 17662

Department: Architecture


Location: Hayes Hall – 217

Meeting Day(s): Tuesday & Thursday

Meeting Time: 6:30PM - 7:50PM

Faculty: Warren

Faculty: Warren

This course is focused on graduate and senior students in both the Planning and Architecture departments. We will cover the inter-relationship between Architectural Design, Urban Planning, Site Planning and Landscape Architecture, as they influence the planning and design of physical sites.  In practice, architects and planners work as a team on projects, therefore, it is of critical importance that the dialogue between architects and planners be supported and understood.  This course will provide opportunities to explore that relationship, as we understand the opportunities in site planning and design.


We will explore the placement of facilities on sites of various sizes, scales, types and complexities and contexts. In addition to learning the basic technical aspects of site planning and design, we will investigate the conceptualization of site analysis, site organization, landscape, and the physical expression of design intent.


Physical sites, whether rural or urban, may be small; accommodating individual buildings, large; accommodating a campus of several buildings, or very large; urban areas of many buildings. Each step in scale brings additional considerations and complexities; however, the basics of the site planning and design in each case are rooted in fundamental approaches of understanding: analysis and synthesis.  Lectures, required readings, discussions, and individual and team projects will be undertaken, exploring the key issues in developing a comprehensive site design at various scales. Course methodology will include lectures, group discussions and individual / team project work. Presentations by outside professionals will occur during the semester. Graduates students will be assigned additional projects during the semester per school requirements.