ARC 528LEC – U528

ARC 528LEC – U528– Historic Preservation

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Course No.: 22555

Department: Architecture


Location: Parker – 104

Meeting Day(s): Wednesday, Friday

Meeting Time: 1:30PM - 2:50PM

Faculty: Traynor

Faculty: Traynor

Historic Preservation is a specialized discipline that studies the material fabric of the cultural resources that make up our cities. The corpus of information and depth of knowledge required to work within this field are great. An understanding of history – social, cultural and architectural; material fabric; building methods and technology; economics; taxes, and so on are essential. Further, the professional must be a detective. The investigative process examines archival records; personal/family documents and the material fabric of buildings and neighborhoods – existing and ghosts of what once was.

This course is intended to provide an understanding of the fundamentals in historic preservation – a sampling of what has been done and why; how things are accomplished – economically, materially, politically; and how we begin to engage in an intellectual discourse concerning matters of preservation, conservation, restoration, re-use, and sometimes demolition. The approach to study will be based in theory – reading; writing; listening and discussing; and physical investigation – on-site discovery, inquiry, historic research and documentation.