ARC 547

ARC 547– Situated Technologies: TM - Conditional Form

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Course No.: 16829

Department: Architecture

Semester: 2018 Spring

Location: Hayes Hall – 301

Meeting Day(s): Tuesday

Meeting Time: 8:10AM - 10:50AM

Faculty: Bruscia

Faculty: Bruscia

This technical seminar introduces students to computational design tools that facilitate movement between physics-based simulation and material prototyping. The course objectives are to gain experience with computational form-finding (the organization of forces and iteration of the results) and to calibrate simulated results to material characteristics. Physical study models will be digitally measured to inform the parameters required for simulation; a process intended to produce accurate representations needed to realize well-crafted material prototypes and/or a large-scale prototype completed as a group effort.

The majority of class time will be dedicated to hands-on workshops aimed at developing proficiency in basic topological mesh modeling and algorithmic programming in Rhino 5/Grasshopper, form-finding with Kangaroo2, and structural analysis via K2Engineering.