ARC 589 DELA– Urban Design - Town & Gown

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Course No.: 22961

Department: Architecture

Semester: 2017 Spring

Location: Hayes Hall – 401

Meeting Day(s): Tuesday

Meeting Time: 11:00AM - 1:40PM

Faculty: Delaney

The interdependent, yet often contentious relationship between city and campus is one that has guided campus organization and design since the dawn of the university. As a complement to the studio and technical methods courses in the Urban Design Graduate Research Group, the intellectual domain will begin by studying the evolution of the university, the idea of campus, and its connection to place. From the origins of Plato’s Academy and the emergence of the university in medieval Italy, to Oxbridge and the University of Virginia, students will work through case studies that look not only at initial conditions, but specifically focus

on the challenge of expansion, the complexity of edge-condition, and the ever-tenuous relationship between a campus and its surrounding context.


Students may also be presented with an opportunity to travel over the spring break, as the focus of the course’s investigation transitions from a global scale to a regional scale.