ARC 591

ARC 591– Design For The Body And Mind

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Course No.: 20403

Department: Architecture

Semester: 2018 Spring

Location: Hayes Hall – 402

Meeting Day(s): Thursday

Meeting Time: 8:10AM - 10:50AM

Faculty: Steinfeld

Research shows that using stairways like the one above can be both beneficial and a threat to our health. It depends on how they are designed. Architects are taught to design buildings that are exciting and create an emotional impact on their users. But, they often do not have a good grasp on how their creations might cause pain and suffering. The result is that many buildings designed with good intention are hated by building users. Is there a way to design buildings that are both exciting and interesting from an emotional level and safe, comfortable and healthy at the same time? This course will focus on this question, introducing students to the underlying basis of the emotional impact of design and how knowledge from human factors research, including anthropometry, biomechanics, perception and cognition, can help us create buildings that everyone likes without compromising aesthetic impact. The course will be organized using a problem centered learning approach. Methods of knowledge translation from research to design will be taught through a set of design challenges related to topical issues, including wayfinding, security, safety and fitness. Students will be introduced to key knowledge bases in human factors. Student teams will conduct research, share their knowledge through in-class presentations, develop design strategies, and apply the strategies through design exercises.