ARC 591 – ARC 491

ARC 591 – ARC 491– Critical Millwork - Space Making in Hayes Hayes Faculty Lounge

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Course No.: 21400

Department: Architecture

Semester: 2018 Fall

Location: Hayes Hall – 401

Meeting Day(s): Thursday

Meeting Time: 8:10 AM - 10:50 AM

Faculty: Song, Spielman

Faculty: Song, Spielman

Due to advanced technology in design and fabrication in architecture such as parametric design tools, Building Information Modeling, CNC milling, and additive manufacturing, designers have unprecedented resources to shape the space. Even though the new technologies are often used either for repetitive production of conventional objects or for exploring interesting shapes by appearance, the expanded tools should allow us to rethink the way we produce objects and shape the space for flexible programs and unexpected event. Therefore, the seminar would like to test the hybrid of conventional wood/metal working with 3d printing and CNC milling to examine how the design process and production of millwork in a public space (Hayes Faculty Lounge) can critically challenge the notion of space making with new materiality.


The advanced Rhino skills are required. The drawing set of the millwork (collaborative result from the seminar) will be submitted to FFE committee of the school for the approval and fabrication. Upon the approval, the teams are required to provide necessary modifications for the final fabrication. The seminar will work with Jon Spielman as the fabricator and design consultant.