ARC 598LEC– Material Culture ID: ON OBJECT

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Course No.: 24118

Department: Architecture

Semester: 2018 Spring

Location: Hayes Hall – 217

Meeting Day(s): Tuesday

Meeting Time: 8:10AM - 10:50AM

Faculty: Rafailidis

Faculty: Rafailidis

This reading seminar investigates distinct theoretical frameworks addressing our relationship to the physical world. The objective is to broaden the range of theoretical tools and arguments available to students to critically evaluate and contextualize architectural works and also their own studio projects. The course is structured around 10 theoretical lenses. The common denominator of the readings is a carefully articulated and distinct proposal of how the material world could relate to us. The texts are meant as offerings for the students own explorations. Classes are organized around in-depth class discussion. The course requires an in-depth reading of the texts and students are expected to proactively and independently address gaps in architectural history and theory.