ARC 608-3

ARC 608-3– Graduate Option Studio - Yangpyeong +Seoul Studio

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Course No.: 24481

Department: Architecture

Semester: 2015 Spring

Location: Crosby – ARR

Meeting Day(s): Tuesday/Thursday

Meeting Time: 1:30PM - 7:20PM

Faculty: Song

Faculty: Song

Seoul is a metropolis holding 10 million populations, while Yangpyeong is a suburban city right next to Seoul sharing the boundary, which population marks only 0.1 million. It only takes 30-40 minutes by subway from Yangpyeong to Kangnam, the heart of Seoul. However, the area of Yangpyeong is even bigger than Seoul and the low density, protected nature, well developed bike path, and the culture of biking and hiking has made it an urbanistically important. It is practical haven for the people in the metropolis. On the other hand, Yangpyeong represents many typical problems of suburban city near metropolis. Even though housing price is much lower than Seoul but there no enough cultural destinations supporting the residential town. Sprawling commercial development is failing to attract constant customers. And the architecture of the dispersed developments is far from the compact and attractive to both visitors and residents.

Pursuing innovative ideas for the next 10 years of Yangpyeong, the city accepted the research proposal by UB and MINIMAX Architects (local firm in Korea) for the complete master plan. As a part of the joint research, the mission of UB is to focus on:
• Urban revitalization by innovative housing development
• Bike and rail oriented housing prototype
• Alternative residential culture mixing work, leisure and transportation

(This is funded research studio from the city of Yangpyeong including the site trip to Korea)