ARC 609

ARC 609– Architecture and Urban Planning Dual Studio

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Course No.: 23178

Department: Architecture

Semester: 2016 Fall

Location: Hayes Hall – 302

Meeting Day(s): Tuesday & Thursday

Meeting Time: 1:30PM - 7:20PM

Faculty: Hata

Faculty: Hata

These and related questions will be answered in a joint studio in Real Estate Development and Urban Design. Students in MS/ARC in Real Estate Development and advanced students in MARC, MUP and dual-MARC/MUP programs will collaborate on a design/development proposal, in a manner regularly seen in cutting edge projects, where architects, planners and developers work closely to produce outstanding projects that are financially feasible and have great urban design characteristics.
Studio Eligibility and Goals:
 MS/ARC RED in the final semester, advanced students* in MARC, MUP and Dual-MARC/MUP programs (non-incoming students)
 The combined class will be divided into student teams, formed with equal participation from students in each academic program; teams will collaborate throughout the semester to produce a successful project  Teams will address the feasibility of developing a real site for an actual client through market research, site analysis, urban design master planning with architectural design, project branding and marketing strategies and financial analyses
 The studio culminates in comprehensive end-of-semester PPT presentations by each team. Each will submit to a professional caliber report, comprising the feasibility study of real estate development integrated with an urban design master plan showing architectural plans, and renderings of the
Take-Home Values:
 Architecture and Planning students will be able to explore the essentials of real estate finance and a complex and large-scale design;
 Real Estate Development students will learn how to work with urban designers and learn critical processes and elements for producing successful proposals in urban design and planning.
 Teams will address the feasibility of developing a real site for an actual client For more information: contact
Hiro ( or Mark (
Fall 2016
Real Estate Development + Urban Design Studio