ARC 616

ARC 616– Research Methods

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Course No.: 10283

Department: Architecture

Semester: 2018 Fall

Location: Hayes Hall – 402

Meeting Day(s): Wednesday

Meeting Time: 2:00PM - 4:40PM

Faculty: Lystra

Faculty: Lystra


Open to students registered for Directed Research

In support of thesis work, this course explores productive research practices of varied forms (e.g. ecological, social, material, technological, urban). Readings, assignments, and discussions guide students through developing an initial experimental question, using research and writing to test and refine that question, situating their work in broader context, and building a well-referenced, detailed proposal for their project. Students will emerge from the course with clear, comprehensive, well-supported proposals that detail the spring semester’s thesis work, and that articulate why that work is important to the field. They will also develop skills and resources applicable to future research work.