ARC 590/490

ARC 590/490– Experimental Architectural Drawing

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Course No.: 21493

Department: Architecture

Semester: 2016 Fall

Location: Hayes Hall – 201

Meeting Day(s): Monday

Meeting Time: 6:00PM - 8:40PM

Faculty: Maher

Faculty: Maher

“[…] the true method of making things present is to represent them in our space, not to represent

ourselves in their space [. . .] we don’t displace our being into theirs, they step into our life.”

Walter Benjamin



This is a course devoted to experimental architectural drawing. Students will explore techniques and concepts of architectural drawing beyond traditional types (plan, section, elevation, perspective), focusing especially upon hybrid forms of graphic communication and testing the potentialities for 3D modeling programs such as 123D Catch and Rhino to animate the architectural image.  The experiments conducted in the course aim to test our perceptions against unknown dimensions of experience, bridging the divide between the visible and the imaginable and proposing possibilities for architecture in the absence of absolute constraints. Students who successfully complete the course will be invited to exhibit their final projects at the Mattress Factory Art Museum in Pittsburgh, a world-class venue for contemporary installation art.