END 285

END 285– Transportation and Urban Life

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Course No.: 20293

Department: Urban and Regional Planning


Location: TBD – Online Course

Meeting Day(s): online

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Faculty: Hess

Faculty: Hess

Citizens, residents, activists, and government leaders increasingly look to urban transportation systems to address various contemporary challenges, including economic inefficiency, congestion, pollution, sprawl, safety, obesity, and social isolation. How can we understand how urban transportation systems affect lives, and how should government leaders set priorities concerning strategies to pursue to enhance transportation and travel?

This course explores multi-modal travel (walking, bicycle, public transit, vehicle) in U.S. cities and metropolitan areas in order to explain the central role of transportation in shaping cities and the lives of people in them. The course is both historical and topical; it examines the tandem evolution of transportation systems and urban places, and also investigates current transportation debates such as congestion and air quality.

The course is introductory. Students will engage in interactive assignments as they read about relevant and topical issues, view lectures that introduce key topical debates, and complete projects exploring various ways that we interact with urban transportation systems.