END 450-0002

END 450-0002– Environmental Design Workshop 3

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Course Details

Course No.: 10291

Department: Urban and Regional Planning

Semester: 2017 Fall

Location: Hayes Hall – 217

Meeting Day(s): Tuesday-Thursday

Meeting Time: 9:00 AM - 12:20 PM

Faculty: Warren

Having completed Design Workshops 1 and 2, you will build upon what you have studied thus far and apply your knowledge and skills to a semester-long, team-based, real-world, projects. We will explore urban design and planning, environmental design, and landscape design. You will advance and add to your knowledge and skill base through direct engagement with the projects, involving a number of design issues and working with the projects stakeholders, including the client and the community. We will be exploring a number of skill-sets and reinforce foundational skills you have acquired thus far. Through direct engagement with the project, site, and client, you acquire a working knowledge pertaining to the making of a sustainable and a richer, built environment.