END 360

END 360– Environmental Design Workshop 2

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Course Details

Course No.: 20324 or 20325

Department: Urban and Regional Planning

Semester: 2017 Spring

Location: Hayes Hall – 217

Meeting Day(s): Tuesday / Thursday

Meeting Time: 1:00PM - 4:20PM

Faculty: Warren

Environmental Design 360 will introduce students to communicating utilizing Graphic and Verbal Communication Skills.   We will focus on visual literacy for comprehending and explaining the built environment, introducing urban planning and design concepts through readings and hands-on exercises.  Class discussions and individual presentations will expose students to verbal communication skills focused on the environment.

Students will spend time in a studio environment working on individual and team projects in addition to time in the computer lab, being exposed to graphic communication programs and tools. Lectures and field exercise will expose students to the fundamental concepts through hands-on exercises.