URP 515

URP 515– Design for Development

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Course No.: 20967

Department: Urban and Regional Planning

Semester: 2018 Spring

Location: Hayes Hall – 217

Meeting Day(s): Monday

Meeting Time: 6:00 PM - 8:40 PM

Faculty: Sanders

Faculty: Sanders

Increasingly, accepted models for development are being challenged and modified by new patterns of use and function. This current evolution is altering our urban and suburban contexts and, along with the demands presented by environmental, social and political dynamics compel ever greater collaboration between developers and their design team to arrive at the ‘highest and best’ use of a given site.  These challenges presented to the development team offer new opportunities to those willing to examine and question existing paradigms. Thoughtful consideration of the forces influencing a specific site and context can guide the design of reconsidered or even wholly new typologies, and in the final analysis, add significant value
to the development product.

This course will introduce the process undertaken by the design team in assessing the range of opportunities available in a given site, as well as the historical and contemporary influences that inform design thinking.  Course work will consist of lectures, seminar-format discussions, case-study analytical projects and design workshops.