URP 545 – UBRI

URP 545 – UBRI– Internship

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Course No.: 25258

Department: Urban and Regional Planning

Semester: 2016 Fall

Location: TBD – TBD

Meeting Day(s): Arranged

Meeting Time: Arranged

Faculty: Shibley, Walsh

Faculty: Shibley, Walsh

One Region Forward (1RF) recently received a prestigious award from the American Planning Association for the exemplary approach to civic
engagement in its regional planning process, including the innovative Citizen Planning School and Champions for Change program. Programming for both
programs will resume in the Fall 2016.
1RF and the University at Buffalo School of Architecture and Planning are looking for talented, motivated students to join the team that will deliver the
next iteration of this program. This is a phenomenal opportunity to apply your skills and passion to make a meaningful contribution to this region, as well as to the broader planning field!

Interns will work with UBRI staff to conduct 4‐6 community events (likely to be held on Saturdays) including:
 Listening sessions with presentations by regional experts, community leaders, and innovators;
 Practical capacity‐building workshops for citizen planners; and
 A series of workshops to support Champions for Change in taking their ideas and transforming them into actionable projects through a design
and planning process.
Additionally, interns will work directly with individual Champions for Change, providing technical assistance and coaching support as they move their ideas and the region forward. Projects vary significantly in focus and design, typically relating to the 5 Big Ideas of the Regional Plan.