URP 581-001

URP 581-001– Planning Practicum

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Course Details

Course No.: 21594

Department: Urban and Regional Planning

Semester: 2017 Spring

Location: Hayes Hall – 201

Meeting Day(s): Tuesday & Thursday

Meeting Time: 1:00PM - 5:40PM

Faculty: Kang

By 2030, the population of people over the age of 65 will double in the United States. This demographic shift is known as population aging. Erie County will see a substantial increase in the population of older adults both in size and as a percentage of the population.

The Toward an Age-Friendly Erie County studio will connect the people-friendly efforts of the existing plan in the region with input and specific needs expressed by older residents to create a vision for what people want their neighborhoods to be like as they grow older. This vision will inform recommendations that may be integrated into the region’s planning efforts in transportation, housing, and greenspace options.

In the studio, students will learn:

  • Why we need to plan for seniors?
  • Elements needed in age-friendly planning
  • Plan making process
  • Integrating the plan into the broader planning system